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General situation and present situation of graphite industry
  China, as one of the countries with the largest reserves of graphite in the world, has unique advantages in developing graphite industry. Graphite resources are widely distributed. Crystal Flake graphite is distributed in 19 provinces and many graphite processing plants have been set up, to discuss the general situation and current situation of graphite industry。

At present, the general situation of graphite industry is affected by the domestic and foreign macro-economic slowdown, most of the domestic industry development into the soft, the graphite industry can not be immune. For a long time, China's graphite industry has many problems, such as unreasonable industrial layout, low production concentration, small scale of enterprises, etc. , as a result, the industry has fallen into the awkward situation of backward technology and equipment, low production efficiency, low-level repeated construction, and even the phenomenon of indiscriminate mining, mining the rich and abandoning the poor, illegal mining and so on, which not only causes the industry's overall competitiveness to be insufficient, and a huge waste of precious resources. How to integrate superior resources, cultivate industry leading enterprises, turn extensive management into intensive management, promote sustainable and healthy development of graphite industry, resource integration and strategic reorganization become the best choice for all over the world. However, due to the interests of all parties involved, the resource integration and strategic reorganization of other major graphite-producing areas in China is not smooth。The general situation and current situation of the graphite industry arise from the problems of graphite deep processing technology, resulting in our country's graphite resources and primary products being exported to foreign countries at low prices, and in turn imported high-end graphite products produced abroad at high prices, thus formed a "low out of high into" vicious circle, many graphite enterprises can only long-term drudgery, reduced to "workers" , the overall development of the industry is poor. In recent years, although the technological progress of graphite industry has improved, the Innovation Ability, technology R & D and application level of enterprises are still low, and the gap with developed countries is large, and lack of independent intellectual property rights and well-known brand products。

The general situation and current situation of the graphite industry are also shown in the lack of regulations in the industry, the serious waste of resources caused by disordered competition, the rich reserves and complete varieties of graphite resources in China, but the awareness of protecting graphite in China is very weak, the industry lacks the related management regulations, the resources unorderly exploitation, the waste is serious. In recent years, with the continuous expansion of graphite application field, graphite mining enterprises have emerged all over the country, resulting in the situation of indiscriminate mining and digging of mineral deposits, most of them are engaged in primary raw material processing, technical strength is very limited, and backward production technology, not only waste resources, damage the environment. At the same time, low prices lead to price war, which disturbs the normal order of the market. Vicious competition happens from time to time. At the same time, the state also formulated "access conditions" to fill the policy gaps, to promote the industry into a sound development track, to ensure the graphite industry and the status of stable development。The Refractory industry remains an important area of graphite consumption, accounting for about 45% of total graphite consumption. In addition, the demand structure of graphite products will continue to upgrade, spherical graphite, flexible graphite, graphite electrode, nuclear graphite and other processing products will become a new market direction. In the future, the degree of specialization of graphite product demand will be strengthened continuously. Meeting the demand for high performance and specialized graphite products in downstream areas will become the mainstream of development, and the trend from graphite raw materials to deep processing and products will be gradually highlighted. It is reported that, as the star material of environmental protection and Energy Conservation, graphite material is more and more favored. The material has enormous potential in the wind energy, automobile, consumer goods and defense industries. In particular, large-size and high-quality special graphite, as an alternative material, has a broad application space and broad prospects in the field of high-tech and new technology. Above is the general situation and current situation of graphite industry in this period。